Coal-EZ hopper stoves were designed and engineered for those who spend most of their time away, but that still want the true warmth and ambiance that only a heating stove can provide (without the mess, or course). Coal-EZ stoves burn smoke-free bagged anthracite coal, and are high efficiency. Most families are able keep their annual heating cost below $900. Stoves require an impressive 10 minutes or less of daily maintenance. 

But isn't burning coal dirty?  

No! Anthracite coal is harder, smaller and much higher quality than the dirty old lump coal (bituminous coal) that your Grandparents burned in their parlor stove. Anthracite burns with a blue flame which resembles that of a gas flame. 

Coal-EZ Hopper Stoves

Coal-EZ Brochure Download

 View the PDF below to learn more about Coal-EZ Hopper Stoves. 

Coal EZ Brochure - Front (pdf)


Coal EZ Brochure - Back (pdf)



It's Affordable to Ship Your New Stove Anywhere in the U.S.!

We're able to ship your new stove anywhere in the Continental United States for a low price. 

Shipping to residential addresses requiring lift gate service - $200 

Shipping to commercial addresses with the ability to unload - $150 

PLEASE NOTE: We are able to ship multiple stoves on the same pallet for the same one low rate.